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  • Alan Pritchard

Curves and cobbles

Here we significantly reduced the ground level next to the house and built a large sandstone patio area. We then created a meandering cobble path which intersects the lawn leading up to the summer house, with an additional paved area at the top of the garden. We also installed a cobble driveway at the front of the property.

Before landscaping work started

garden landscaping in Abergavenny, patio, planting beds


cobble pat, indian sandstone, rendered wall, coping stones

large outdoor seating area, patio Abergavenny, patio install, retaining wall, turf laid, bark chip planting beds

grass lawn, Abergavenny gardener, lights, cobble path, out house

cobble path, curved path, curved metal edging, bark chip, fruit trees, landscaper Abergavenny


Completed cobble driveway

cobble driveway, Abergavenny, linear channel drain, soakaway, flow point


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