First we talk about what you would like from your garden . Does it have to be child friendly? Do you want an area for entertaining? What style do you like, romantic, classical, minimalist, a haven for wildlife? We also discuss what would you like from me, a design only service, a complete design and build service or simple a quote for some paving, the first consultation is always free.


The existing site is drawn out in plan form or onto 3d software. This allows me to see what area and levels we have to play with. This becomes the basis for the next stage, your design.


I create your design by combining your needs and desires for the space with hard and soft landscaping elements. You will be supplied with a scaled plan drawing of your new garden design and depending on the on the size and complexity of the garden, a 3d visualisation and artistic view. If all you require is a garden design, I can produce this along with full planting plans.


From the detailed design, I am able produce itemised costings of the garden if you would like me to carry out the build as well. Alternatively, I can talk through the plan with your own contractor so that they can provide you with a cost for the works.



A great design is only showcased by a high quality build. Being both the designer and the builder ensures the attention

to detail and means nothing can get lost in translation. Your perfect design is brought to life by a skilled craftsman to produce your perfect garden.


If I have both designed and built your garden, I produce a management and maintenance plan for all the hard and soft landscaping work. This means that you can very easily maintain your beautiful garden by knowing what time of year to prune or to maintain garden features for example.

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