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  • Alan Pritchard

Will landscaping my garden increase the value of my property?

Landscaped gardens

Photo from RHS

A well designed garden will add around 10% to your home’s value. High quality landscaping will add that wow factor to your property and buyers will view this as another room albeit an outdoor one.

A well designed and landscaped garden does two things for buyers. Firstly it showcases the quality of the house by proving a setting that makes your property shine. A great garden attracts buyers in to see the house and will make it stand out compared to others of a similar quality and age.

Secondly and most importantly, a well designed and landscaped garden will act as an outdoor room. Another space in which you can entertain, play with the children, relax or even work. Buyers when viewing a garden don't just see what is already there, they imagine what they would do in that space. So spend a bit of time in the garden and make the most of your outdoor space!

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