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  • Alan Pritchard

Attention to detail

Just some of the little design and construction details on my most recent projects that make a garden.

The use of different sized pebbles and boulders along with grasses and Irises, go so well in combination. Pebbles are placed on a geo textile to suppress weed growth but allow water to percolate. Floating paving was laid at the same height as the surrounding pebbles.

The combination of these reclaimed bricks, set on edge to allow pebbles to be placed inside, adds interest and formality to the surrounding gravel path. The combination of colours from the red - orange of the bricks to the pinks and greys of the gravel set off the vibrant green of the box hedge.

Working around an existing summer house, we were able to float a lovely light sandstone paving and surround it with flint chippings. A low metal band helps to contain the gravel and provides a cutting edge to the grass lawn.

Working with the natural stone to create curved walls to contained planting beds.

Large gaps in the stones are left to allow succulents to be planted to soften the wall.

There are many ways to train climbing plants against walls and fences.

When you have to work with a change in level, I favour metal work as it lasts, requires no maintenance and is clean and stylish. Here we have sandstone flags set into the metal risers of the steps.

Copper slate paving has been laid around the edge of the pond to create clean, crisp lines and to link in with the paved seating areas. Black dye has been used in the pointing of the paving so as not to detract from the colour of the paving itself or the liner in the pond. The linear formal shape of the paving works well against the rounded pebbles, all of which sets off the planting. The stillness of the water giving reflections back of the plants to onlookers.

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