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  • Alan Pritchard

Hot tubs and garden design

When designing and constructing a garden, all elements have to flow and interact seamlessly. On a recent garden build, a hot tub was required. Because this was known at an early stage, the design could incorporate the hot tub into the hard and soft landscaping elements of the garden. As every site is different, you will need to use ingenuity to make sure the hot tub becomes a feature rather than an distraction. On this build we used the natural stone to surround it and incorporated planting beds to all sides which would soften with time. The hot tub surround was chosen with care to be a natural colour therefore blending in. The surrounding wall courses graduating down to the steps to create a natural sweep while limestone cobbles allow easy access around the whole of the hot tub. Non slip paving was used and planting is kept low to allow ease of maintainence. Walk over and up lighters were used to illuminate the walkway at night giving a glow of light to mark your way.

Landscaped garden with hot tub - Monmouthshire

Hot tub and landscaped garden in Monmouthshire - finished project. Stunning, classic and contemporary outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Start your garden transformation with Border Landscapes.

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